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Interesting answer to Which state should India focus on to transform itself from Quora

Quora which state should you focus

I will vote for Odisha!

In October 2012 I was invited to speak about a project I was a part of in Pune, by the KIIT and KISS institutes. The founder of these institutes- Dr. Achyuta Samanta had himself invited our group to speak with the students at the schools and colleges there. So I first visited Odisha when I was just fifteen years old and since then I have been endlessly fascinated by the state and the potential this state has to transform India.

Odisha has a perfect location and is blessed with lots of natural harbors and is quite close to Kolkatta, Chennai, and even newly emerging industrial areas of Telangana, Andhra or Karnataka. The long coastline of Odisha and its place in the Bay of Bengal can provide enticing opportunities for trade, business and tourism.

Odisha is the least developed of all the states who share the Bengal sea. This underdevelopment provides immense scope to transform a port of Odisha into a Indian Singapore. An Industrial corridor and a massive infrastructure overhaul will transform Odisha to become a world class center for commerce.

In the above image we can see how Odisha is at perfect location in India. It is at a convenient location from almost all big and important cities like Chennai, Kolkatta, Bangalore.

If we Asians want to fulfill our dream of a prosperous future, we must embrace open trade and commerce. Once we develop Odisha as a hub for commerce, there will be immense opportunities waiting for us in all of South East Asia. From Singapore to the Philipines, Odisha will be our gateway to the world we have ignored for long time.

Also developing Odisha comes with fewer risks. It is quite far from both Pakistan and China and can be better protected in times of war. It has faced repeated cyclones but the government of Odisha has shown amazing ability in minimizing the damage to almost zero casualties.

On the other hand the benefits are immense. With a developed Odisha, India can claim a big share of trade in Eastern Asia. A good economy of Odisha will lead to richer villages and further reduce the menace of naxals and maoists. The focus of our development will shift from the north and the west towards the lesser developed east. Odisha will emerge as the shining star of India.

Odisha has the potential to produce a city much more vibrant than Mumbai. We Indians must support Odisha maintain its culture and heritage. Along with being a trade hub, Odisha can become the tourist destination of all South east Asians.

Supporting Odisha attain these goals should be the aim of all central and state governments. Developing Odisha will transform India!

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