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From Rourkela, to IIT Kharagpur, to Creative Director of The Viral Fever

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By the time Biswapati Sarkar, the host of comedy series Barely Speaking with Arnub, was 10 years old, he knew he would study at an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT); what he didn’t know was where he would go next.

“I was in Class V or VI and one of my maternal uncles was from IIT-Kharagpur, we went for a (family) wedding and my mother said to me ‘he is from IIT, touch his feet; if you become 1% like him, then that’s a big thing,”’ he recalls.

The uncle was treated like a mini celebrity by the rest of the family who fawned on him. That’s the first time Sarkar, now 27, heard about the elite engineering school. He did indeed go on to study at IIT-Kharagpur, thanks to a mother who slogged to make sure he went to the school so that his “life is set”.

But his engineering degree is not the source of livelihoood for Sarkar. He makes a living writing comedy sketches as creative director of The Viral Fever (TVF), a new media and entertainment set-up. He also plays Arnub, a take-off on television

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