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Dui eke Dui – Inspirational Short film


“Dui eke Dui” is a short film which will win many hearts because it touches more than one social causes in very short time. It is based on concept which will inspire viewers for sure to come forward to take additional responsibility for betterment of our society. Unlike Dilshad Ayubi’s previous films, it is different, different because this film comes with few open ended questions. Viewers will be forced to think about those questions and they are free to find out the right answer for themselves which typically gives the flavor of an art film. Film is out now on YouTube on the eve of Gandhi Jyanti.

Dilshad Ayubi has come up with an initiative supported by the producer and the team Dui eke Dui, which will make these children direct beneficiaries from this film. Every view of this film will get the team some amount and this amount will be spent for the welfare of these children. More details about this initiative is available in the video description on YouTube.

Talking about the cast and crew, the team comprises of only 6 members excluding children. There are two lead actors in this movie, Jyoti Prakash Mahapatra and Nitish Bajaj. Although all of us are primarily IT professionals but Jyoti Prakash Mahapatra is an experienced actor too who has also worked in few TV serials and an Odiya film before. This film produced by Rupak Das features real children from a locality who are not at all child artists. When they went to select the shoot location then they got huge support from these children and their parents. Based on the concept of Utsa Chakraborty, Dilshad Ayubi has written its story and screenplay. Along with direction, Dilshad Ayubi has also taken care of cinematography and editing. Abhishek Kumar has guest appearance and he is also production manager for this film. Both Utsa and Abhishek are also Assistant Directors.

So keep sharing the film and be a contributor in this noble initiative.

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