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Bhubaneswar Boy featured in BuzzFeed for being India’s top Ghostbuster Team


India has its own team of paranormal superheroes.

Indian Paranormal Team

Indian Paranormal Team

Akshai Sthalekar and Sarbajeet Mohanty formed the Indian Paranormal Team in 2013 and now have a team of 10 members, as well as a research panel of eight.

“We used spirituality as a base and mixed it with scientifically produced results for the paranormal community,” Sthalekar and Mohanty told BuzzFeed.

"We used spirituality as a base and mixed it with scientifically produced results for the paranormal community," Sthalekar and Mohanty told BuzzFeed.

Indian Paranormal Team

Sthalekar is a certified paranormal investigator and a well-known spiritual healer, while Mohanty is India’s only (and the world’s youngest) certified demonologist.

While trying to study and investigate paranormal activity – or, yaknow, BUST GHOSTS – the Indian Paranormal Team use a combination of scientific and spiritual methods.

Indian Paranormal Team

“We first like to contact [spirits] or investigate the location with the help of our ‘spiritual team’,” they said. “The spiritual team consists of psychic mediums and other energy healers.”

The spiritual team first narrows down hotspots, or spots where there is maximum activity, and then the scientific team steps in and uses science and technology to investigate.

Indian Paranormal Team

“We try to establish communication with the help of typtology (the study of communication with departed souls through tapping on surfaces) and with the gadgets like cell sensors, EMF detectors, sound detectors, and others,” Sthalekar and Mohanty said.

“We use these along with light and camera men. This part of the team investigates the hotspots marked by the spiritual team. We also use temperature guns to validate the hot and cold spots.”

“After the spiritual team marks the hotspots, the scientific team tries to communicate with [spirits] using gadgets.”

Indian Paranormal Team

“The cell sensor senses the change in the electromagnetic field,” they said. “So if we find any unnatural deflection in the cell sensor, we note it down. Changes in the EMF field can be caused due to electrical appliances or electrical transformers etc. If we don’t find any such natural cause, an external energy or spirit might be present who is causing the deflection. We request the spirit to come near to the device so as to see if they are present or blink the sensor according to our command – if it’s an intelligent spirit, you will find intelligent replies.”

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