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New snake discovered in Odisha – Named after the state Lycodon Odishi

odisha new snake discovered

A group of amateur herpetologists from Odisha here on Saturday claimed to have discovered a non-venomous snake in the State.

After months of research, these researchers have established clarity around the snake species, which were discovered in Ganjam district. The new snake species was rescued by Snake Helpline and subsequently studied in depth by a group of amateur herpetologists and scholars from Odisha.

“This research paper has been published in a leading international science journal — The Russian Journal of Herpetology. Dedicating this find to Odisha and its popular dance form Odissi, the scientific name of this new snake has been conferred as Lycodon Odishi,

The new species was earlier overlooked by scientists and herpetologists as a young specimen of twin spotted wolf snake (Lycodon jara). The species is not just endemic to Odisha, but has been sighted elsewhere. It was always mistaken as a juvenile of the Lycodon jara. Strikingly similar to Lycodon jara, the Lycodon Odishi is much smaller and has a yellow collar which the Lycodon jara does not

The Lycodon Odishi is a nocturnal and non-venomous species of snake and feeds mostly on skinks and geckos

Source: The Hindu