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Involving Local Village Community does wonders – a success story from Chilika

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Mangrove cultivation is back in the outer channel of the Chilika lagoon. The initiative is community-driven and expected to help conserve the bio-diversity, improve the coastal eco-system and generate sustainable livelihood for local communities.

The mangrove cultivation is being done under the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project (ICZMP). Awareness about mangrove cultivation was first spread in hundred eco-club schools on the periphery of the lagoon through street plays, posters and competitions.

Mangroves, with its host of eco-friendly components will help protect the community and generate livelihood for coastal communities. “Mangroves will act as a bio-shield against the impact of cyclonic storms. It will also contribute towards mitigating climate change. Mangrove forests, grown along shorelines and up to few meters inland, will also act as a nursery for fish, shrimp and a host of other organisms,