Bhubaneswar Buzz

Started first in 2015, Bhubaneswar now boasts of 15 parks having open air Gyms

Bhubaneswar is trying to encourage people to get healthy with exercise with the addition of five open air gyms in different parks around the city. At present, there are 10 open-air gyms in the city. The new parks which will offer this facility will be Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Park at Satsang Vihar, Gopabandhu Nagar Park at Unit VIII, Dharma Vihar Park at Jagamara, Phase VII Park at Sailashree Vihar and Judhisthira Das Park at IRC Village. In 2015, the city got its first open-air gym at the Buddha Jayanti Park. The number of parks having such facilities was shortly increased to five and at the end of last year the count stood at 10.

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