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Get Ready to pay fine if you stack up Construction debris or litter in Road

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Times of India Writes

Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has expedited the process of collecting user fee from citizens for littering public places and roads.

Each ward has a ward officer, who will go on inspection of the area under his/her jurisdiction. It will be his/her responsibility to ensure that construction debris is not piled up on roads for long. If it is dumped for more than 24 hours, he is empowered to impose user fee.

Ctizens will have to cough up Rs 200 a day for stacking up building materials on road if not removed within 24 hours. “For keeping building materials on road, they will have to take prior permission from the BMC. We can give maximum seven-day permission. If the material is found after seven days, we will start charging the fee,” said Samal.

The BMC can also collect fine up to Rs 200 from those, who litter public roads and government establishments. Penalty for littering will also be imposed on shops, small and big industries.