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Finally Bhubaneswar Traffic Updates to be available real time via FM Radio

bhubaneswar roads over bridge

Bhubaneswar will finally have the privilege of getting traffic updates on the drive as the Commissionerate Police has moved to disseminate traffic related information through FM radios.

The broadcasts could in all likelihood commence by April. They will provide real-time information on traffic density on different routes, snarls, obstructions, rallies and dharnas, diversions and blockades due to accidents while suggesting alternative routes to the commuters.

Data required for this purpose will be collated from the CCTV cameras installed at major junctions. Real-time traffic condition on roads will be monitored at the CCTV Control Room and passed on to the radio stations for broadcast. The updates would be on need-basis, during peak traffic hours and depending on circumstances like snarls, blockades and accidents. Information will also be disseminated during commercial breaks of programmes.

The control room currently receives feed from 27 CCTV cameras installed at major junctions of the Capital. The completion of second phase of the project will see more than 70 per cent of the city  covered.