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Bhubaneswar Commissionerate Police plans better security for home alone senior citizens

senior citizen bhubaneswar police

Considering the trend of increase in registration of senior citizens in police stations in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack, the Commissionerate police have engaged 36 Assistant Nodal Officers in all the police stations to assist the Nodal Officers.

“In 2017 we will provide one motorcycle each to Assistant Nodal Officers. Besides,  also  provide  cell  phones, visiting   cards  along  with  a booklet   containing all  the   information  to   deal  with   senior   citizens  to each Nodal/Assistant Nodal Officer for better safety  and security  of senior citizens,” said a Commissionerate police communiqué.

In 2015, 2,077 senior citizens   were registered in Commissionerate police, including 1,080 in Bhubaneswar UPD and 997 in Cuttack UPD). But during this year till November 30, 3,028 senior   citizens have been registered in the Commissionerate (Bhubaneswar UPD-1,868 and Cuttack   UPD-1160).  This   is highest ever registration of senior citizens in Police Commissionerate as against 266 in 2013, 1,577 in 2014 and 2077 in 2015.

Now, the senior citizens security cell is functioning in all the 36 police stations of the Commissionerate police, including 19 police stations in Bhubaneswar and 17 in Cuttack except Mahila and Energy Police stations.

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