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Introducing Startup GIJUGA : by Bangalore based Odia Sunita Dalai Mishra

Please Provide a Brief Overview of Your Product/Service —

    GIJUGA is a Kannada word that means Weaver Bird (ବାୟା ଚଡେଇ). Our product is called GIJUGA NEST. This is a net that is used to stop kids falling from the Train berth while sleeping. The distance between the supporting strap of middle/upper berth are wide enough to let a kid slip through while sleeping. Most of kids roll and turn differently while sleeping and that makes the situation little risky while sleeping on a berth of the train.

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What Inspired You to Build the Above Product/Service —

    We were traveling with our kid back in 2014 Dec holidays by Train. That time we realised our kid can fall from berth if we let him sleep alone. Because he rolls, turns and some time rotate 360 degree while sleeping. We thought if we can have some sort of net that will make the kid to not roll down from berth. We searched but did not find anything which could solve our problem and millions of Indians problem those who are traveling everyday by train with their kids.

Then we decided to create one for us and for India.

Why did you choose the name “GIJUGA” —

    We were looking for some Indian names that can symbolise our intent of work. Gijuga (Weaver Bird) nest is one of the best and safest nest in whole birds world. So we use the name Gijuga for our brand.

What’s in it for the customers ?

    A comfortable and worry free train journey experience for parents with their kids.

What are your plans for next 3 years ?

    We want to create trusted brand identity. We believe in “to be a better human”. That applies to our business as well. We connect to our customers and get to their feedback to understand their view about work.


What are you up to right now ?

    Today we have office in Bangalore and we are focused on our product GIJUGA NEST and customer satisfaction. Customer can buy our product online from We have few more products in pipeline and their R&D also going on.


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 Owner : Sunita Dalai Mishra