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Introducing Gift Graphite : A New Way of Gifting, a startup from Odisha

Gift graphite odisha startup

Tell us a little bit about your startup            

We are “Gift Graphite- A New Way of Gifting” (A Personalized Handmade Sketching Startup).We provide hand-made pencil & charcoal sketches made on different paper sizes like A4 & A3, and many more new options are being introduced. We started in July-2016 and since then it has been never looking back.

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How did you come up with this idea?

One day I was searching for some special gift for someone and I was not satisfied with anything that I saw in internet, I searched many shopping sites but everywhere there was only those old boring and out-dated gifts were there. Then I thought of gifting a sketch and one of my friends is fine artist, he did this for me. Then I thought like if I am facing this problem many more people will also be facing the same so why not to solve this problem. Then had a healthy discussion on this and we came up with this idea and name.


What problem does your startup solve?

Nowadays, with the changing world, everything got upgraded but gifts sector remained unchanged. Everyone faces the problem of “I want to gift something new”. Every time on any occasion we get the same type of gifts – bouquets, mementos, etc. and gift the same to others. On the other hand there are many sketch artists whose talents are going unnoticed and useless. Therefore, we tried to change the tradition of gifting old and boring stuffs and also artist are getting recognition for their work.


What is the process of ordering a sketch from you?

You have to just mail or Whatsapp us the photo whichever you want to be sketched and make the confirmation, then within 7 days we will ship your sketch, no matter in which part of country you live in. We are doing this just by using social media platforms to the full extent. We take orders through our Facebook Page and Whatsapp. You can visit our Facebook page and have a look at our recent works



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What are your recent achievements?

We started in July 2016 and within this short span of time we got so popular due to our hard work and high quality service, that we started getting orders from different states. We handed over a sketch to India’s Raw Star Rituraj Mohanty and Padmashree Awardee Haldar Nag too. Recently we have organised a sketching event named “Go Sketchy”, where we gave chance to all upcoming and new artists to showcase their sketching talents. Artists sent their work to them and we uploaded those to our Facebook page and the one with maximum number of Likes & the best sketch won the contest. During this event we got overwhelming response from the students & artists all over Odisha.