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Featuring Startup Foodzo : An on demand food delivery company in bhubaneswar

As we all know that the food is the basic need in every human life, for which he/she is struggling. But even after their struggles, if people are still not happy with their sustenance, then the effort given behind it is useless. The reasons might be the people are busy with their schedules, they either can’t able to cook at the right time or not having time to go and order their food from outside. Do you want to freeze up your starving…?

We’ve all had our food cravings, be it Schezwan Noodles or an exotic platter of Indian food. The contemporary taste palate looks for food and cuisines that are slightly different from what we eat every day. Looking at the new generation, we realized that people are looking for food that excites them. It’s something you might think of regularly but orders maybe once or twice in a week.

From the beginning, the food was inextricably woven into the DNA and spirit of Foodzo, so we were particular that we needed to own the complete chain. From the ideation of the menu to the ingredients, packaging, and delivery, every step is owned by Foodzo.

What Inspired You to Build the Above Product/Service —

Food industry has lagged behind other fields in terms of adoption of technology, the processes followed at most restaurants are outdated and inefficient. Because of the fragmented and unorganised nature of the industry innovations in areas like menu designs, inventory management, supply chain etc have not happened till now. Changing all this is a mammoth and a time consuming task but eventually it holds massive opportunities. In the recent years most innovations have happened in the area of making small restaurants accessible to internet users (online food ordering), this plays a very small bit in the entire life cycle of an order, a lot is yet to be done. This is what made us to start FOODZO- on demand food Delivery Company.

Why did you choose the name “FOODZO” —

We were fully confused about what the name should be. After taking suggestions from friends and relatives, the name FOODZO came out. Before deciding the name we had one thing in mind, the name should describe our venture at once. So “Food” “Zo” completely describes what we are for. And also it was a short sweet name.


What’s in it for the customers?

Customers using Foodzo can click on to its website or app, where after selecting their delivery location they will be presented with an extensive menu including Juke Box, Biryani, Starter, Naan/ Bread, Rice, Main Course, Chinese, Tandoor/ Kabab, Salads and Desserts. After selecting their dishes they place their order and are delivered within 45 minutes.

What are the challenges in operating a food delivery business?

Unfortunately everyone feels hungry at the same time and rarely anyone plans his/her meal. This results in a burst of orders during short intervals of time (mainly during lunch and dinner time). The challenge is accentuated because these orders once received needs to be prepared and delivered within minutes. In food you do not have the luxury of delivering products in hours. This is a humongous challenge to solve and requires razor sharp focus on execution enabled by technology.

What are you up to right now?

We are now focussing on 3 things:

  1. Build technology,
  2. Team expansion, and
  3. Deepen market penetration.

We are into becoming a strong player in the internet kitchen space.

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Phone/ WhatsApp- 8280040044

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