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Bhubaneswar based Startup Fabonix Launches 3D Printer and IoT Smart Home

Fabonix startup bhubaneswar buzz

Started in the year 2013, Fabonix Tech­nolo­gies is a design and inno­va­tion com­pany that blends tech­nol­ogy, cre­ativ­ity, engi­neer­ing and inno­va­tions to solve prob­lems from indus­tries to household.

Fabonix addresses the prob­lems related to energy, water, san­i­ta­tion, automa­tion, health­care, edu­ca­tion, con­sumer prod­ucts, indus­trial automa­tions and other rel­e­vant indus­tries needs.
With the suc­cess of ‘WATER SAVER’ (A fully auto­matic water level man­age­ment sys­tem) and ‘Sigma 3D’ (3d printer) Fabonix Tech­nolo­gies has emerged as a rapidly grow­ing com­pany in east­ern India .

While 3-D printers are available at Rs 65,000 and above in India, the one developed by Fabonix is priced at less than Rs 50,000. The same product with a foreign make may cost Rs 1.5 lakh or even more.

The team has developed a myo-electric prosthetic bionic arm printed on their Sigma 3-D printer, which is priced at Rs 9,000. In the market, the same product is available at Rs 18,000 or more. Myo-electric prosthetic bionic arm is an artificial limb, which gets power harvested from the human body and based on the muscle sensors performs like a normal arm.

School students can also explore the 3-D printing world. Arts and crafts classes can have an extra option to judge students’ creativity. While the 3-D printed models are sturdier than the traditional plastic models, chemistry students and teachers can take 3-D prints of molecular models to explain the subjects in a better way. Biology students can also use three-dimensional prints of skulls and other bones.

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