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Bhubaneswar Girl to represent India in South Asian Final of Horlicks Wizkids Competition

horlicks wizkids competition

Janvi Mohanty, a student of KIIT International School in the city, is one of the few students from Odisha to be representing the country at South Asian finals of Horlicks Wizkids competition in Bengaluru.

She will be presenting her project Flush Initiative, a campaign in the field of health and sanitation for underprivileged children.

The Flush initiative (Focusing on the learning of the underprivileged in Sanitation and Health) advocated good sanitation practices among slum dwellers in Salia Sahi and Birisa Basti.

The participating countries in South Asian finals are India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, UAE and Bangladesh.

In Bengaluru Janvi will be presenting the project and judged on various criteria. Selected five wizkids will be taken on an education tour to Turkey for five days.

Courtesy : New India Express