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Keonjhar Odisha: Home to one of the oldest (3,800 mill yrs) rocks in the world

keonjhar odisha

A tribal wonderland, Keonjhar has always held a magical allure for travellers for its geological, religious, social and anthropological significance. From the stunning beauty and unspoilt elegance of dense forests, exuberant waterfalls, terraced valleys and exotic wildlife to one of the oldest (3,800 million years) rocks in the world, the opportunities to discover the wondrous treasures of this district of Odisha are endless.
The discovered inscription at this place displaying a dancing Siva dates back to the 3rd-4th century AD and is the earliest specimen in this aspect of the god. Temples within the town and on the picturesque outskirts are places of religious significance. A mineral rich area, Keonjhar, also known as Kendujhar, is home to many steel factories.

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