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Why Chandrabhaga beach is better than Puri beach : A blog by Sinchan Das


When one gets completely bogged down with the frustrations of monotonous mundane life and desperately craves for escape from reality , nothing can be a better option than spending a few moments with Nature. Added to that if you stay nearer to sea you are definitely at an advantage. The saline ambience coupled with the cozy bed of sand at the beach is the perfect gateway recipe. And if you happen to be in Odisha the obvious choice would be a day off at Puri beach. But if you could travel 30 kms from Puri northward you will come across Chandrabhaga beach which will offer you better and memorable moments.

Avoiding the crowd : If serenity and tranquility is what you seek the most then Chandrabhaga beach has exactly those ingredients to offer you. Puri beach always remains overcrowded being a pilgrim site. Hence a quiet interaction with Nature soaking the saline atmosphere and feeling the grainy sand between your legs with only approaching-retreating turquoise waves in front of you – is rare in Puri.

Cleaner Beach : As the crowd is much thinner at Chandrabhaga the beach is cleaner and so the water seems less polluted. Even at waist height water you could see through your apparent feet which is highly unlikely in Puri. The absence of fleeting crowd keeps the beach less contaminated from wastes.

Nature all around : Puri beach stands just beside the busy marine drive and with it comes all the hustle and bustle. If your sole wish is to experience only Nature around , Chandrabhaga is ideal. The beach is withstood with a line of tall trees. Thus the view of greenery at your back and blue waters in front is nothing short of picturesque graphic.

Pristine waters : When you land at the beach the first difference with Puri beach that ignites your instincts is the pristine waters. Not only does it provide a captivating view but also cater a refreshing and rejuvenating bathing experience. The waves might seem a tad less violent but definitely more soothing and no less adventurous.

Let your body afloat : This is one of the most unique feature that I noticed. The retreating waves often create a mini lagoon which is only ankle depth but here you can just set your body free and the salinity will take care of the density to let your body afloat. This is the most soulful experience I ever had. The warmth of the water adds cushions to this unique experience. The formation of this mini oxbow lake is not guaranteed but it happens often. This is like experiencing Caspian Sea at Chandrabhaga.

In a nutshell , Chandrabhaga beach has all the bounties to be experienced in close connection with Nature – a day wrapped in Nature’s refreshing outfits , a day worth spending off the crowd and off the necessary corporate boredom.


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