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An awesome travelogue on travel from Cuttack to Jirang : The tibet in Odisha, don’t miss


We decided to head to Jirang located in the Gajapati district of Odisha, Phutnksoling; Phutnksoling; The land of plenty and Happiness.And we found both of it here, in abundance. On the way to Jirang we stopped at the famous hot spring temple of Odisha “Taptapani” and after having some very home style cooked lunch at the nearby Panthanivas, we headed to our actual destination, Jirang.The monastery here is mesmerizing and because of the onset of monsoon, the surrounding was lush green, people boon for people like us.The nearby Waterfall is a must visit too. The whole place has a very peaceful vibe to it and no wonder the Tibetans who stay here love it so much.This place also is a photographers paradise. This vlog sumps up our DAY 1 of this weekend trip.


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Jirango – The Tibet in Odisha