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Second Street Store in Patia Bhubaneswar a huge success

street store 2 bhubaneswar buzz

Turning the idea of a ‘market’ – where goods are sold or exchanged – completely on its head, Bhubaneshwar had hosted a ‘store’ where you come, pick up whatever you want and leave for the needy during last september 2014. Organized by Radio Choklate on 21st September, 2014, India’s first ever Street Store saw an overwhelming number of people drop into what is known in the charity circles as the “world’s first rent-free, premises-free” pop-up clothing store.

This time the second street store was organized at Patia Bhubaneswar with a huge number of 640 people taking advantage of shopping experience, a much needed one for them. Kudos to the organizers in achieving this success.