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How much do you know about Lipika Singh Darai of Odisha, a winner of multiple National Awards

Lipika Singh Darai, a Ho tribal from Odisha after winning her 3rd National Film Award has proven that Adivasi women are setting milestones in every field. Darai’s directed movie ‘The waterfall’ is winner of Best Educational Film under non-feature film category in 64th National awards. The complete list of winners can be accessed here.

The Waterfall traces the evolution of a young city boy to appreciate the value of the environment as well as think critically about climate change and development. On a trip to his ancestral home in the interiors of the state of Orissa in India, he reflects on the nature of his relationship with a beautiful landscape and its relationship in turn with his city life.

Earlier in 2013, she had won Best debut director award in non-feature film category for odiya film “Eka Gachha Eka Manisa Eka Samudra”.

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Leepika Singh Darai, a Ho tribal woman from Odisha wins her 3rd National Film Award