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Heard about this techie from Odisha famous for hacking – by your story

ayush ghosh hacker from odisha

Ayush was born and brought up in Rajgangpur, a small town in Orissa. Rajgangpur is famous for being an industrial town and is home to Orissa Cement Ltd (India), which has the largest vertical roller mill in the world. His dad was working in the cement company and money was a concern. However, his father never let him feel the burden. It was in school when Ayush experienced the magic of computers for the first time. They were not allowed to use the computers in school apart from the syllabus assigned to them.

In his first year of engineering at GIET (Gandhi Institute of Engineering and Technology), Ayush hacked into the college database and got the salary of every teacher. He wrote to the dean about the lack of security, and in turn got a severe scolding and warning from him.


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