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Don’t miss this awesome English Rap Song Shot in multiple odisha locations by Big Deal aka Samir Rishu Mohanty


Watch #OneKidWithADream EP’s first single “One Kid”.

One Kid is story telling in it’s purest form. It was shot in 3 places, Puri where I was born, Darjeeling where I studied and Bangalore where I started my rap career. I narrate some interesting stories around each place and give a piece of my heart and soul on each verse. One Kid helps me wear my weaknesses as armor.

It all started with some anguish, frustration and some unspoken feelings which had to be put out to the world. Penning down the rhymes and emotions weren’t easy in the beginning but perseverance and hard work can overcome even the hardest of challenges. At first it was the rhymes and then followed the flow. Finally it was time to compose the beat. He is a one-man army and juggles between the roles of rapper/singer/beat producer/lyricist efficiently.

Big Deal aka Samir Rishu Mohanty hails from Puri, Odisha. He is born to a Japanese mother and Indian father. He completed his primary education in Puri and then moved on to complete his secondary education at St. Pauls School, Darjeeling.

Darjeeling, the queen of hills popular for its urban culture, introduced him to Hip Hop. He started rapping at the age of 18 after watching the movie 8 mile. Inspired by the rawness and the sheer power of the freedom of expression, he began to pen down his own thoughts in the form of rhymes. In the beginning it was more of a way to stand out and gain attention but things got serious when he started using rap as a tool to vent.

So he picked up topics around his daily life as things to rap about. From his regular predicaments to the things that make him euphoric, were his words. He is unique as a person; unique are his experiences & so is his story. Hence his lyrics are formed around the various experiences, good or bad; he has had in his life. He does not believe in the concept of faking or fabricating his past to form extraordinarily exciting stories. He represents the everyday common man, mango person, “aam admi” and tells their story with witty lines and wordplay to back up his content.

His lyric predominantly focuses on uplifting lives and inspiring people to overcome everyday struggles. Each one of us has struggles, however big or small, and struggle is the only thing that keeps us at our feet grinding. It helps us get better and without it, our lives would lose meaning. So he raps for that one kid with a dream in order to provide him enough inspiration to carry on and persevere regardless of the struggle that he faces.

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