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Bijay Biswal – the artist praised by Narendra Modi now dedicates a painting to him

bijay biswal odisha pm image

This is what he wrote on his facebook post while dedicating his art work to PMO India Narendra Modi.

MANN KI ART..!! (acrylic on canvas 36×48 inches)
Gift to our honorable Prime Minister..a humble gift from an artist to a leader who singled out my art for special praise in a country of thousands of artists .. Modi sir.. You have given me the greatest honour of my life by mentioning me and my art in your popular pep talk MANN KI BAAT..
I did not know how to gift my art to one of the busiest leaders on earth. So I thought of gifting you through social networking sites.. Open public forum.. Because if it’s the social media which has drawn your attention to my art.. I am sure the same social media will help this art reach you.. And this time the real art.. In flesh and blood.. Your gift is waiting sir..Thanks

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