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Awesome to see a group formed out of Odia Twitter People arranged Donation for Peacock man of Cuttack


The following article by Satarupa Mohapatra inspired a group of Odia twitter people join hands to arrange money and go to give personally to him. A small start but definitely can show directions to others on how to help actual people who are doing something on ground positively. The group wanted to remain anonymous and continue to progress in their work like this. Kudos to this initiative.

Amazing to see 79 year old Home Guard trying to feed almost 60 peacocks daily

A 79 year old mausa( retired home guard ) has been feeding peacocks in the hills around Athagarh in Odisha. He says there are around 60 peacocks living in that area who come to feed daily early in the morning and at around 4:30 pm. These beautiful birds only respond to his call and are usually afraid of strangers who come to see him feed the birds. His only qualm is that he has to struggle to buy food for his peacocks and has received no help from any authorities.. He lives on the meagre money that visitors give. Its amazing how he does his bit to preserve the environment.