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Miss Universe India 2012 to be in Bhubaneswar for Judging Fashion show

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Miss Universe India 2012 Shilpa Singh is going to judge Carnival De Vogue this year along with two other judges. It doesn’t get bigger than this.

A show filled with bright personalities walking with exuberance and panache, sending a message of the cavalier nature they possess. There is always the theme in a fashion show which captures one ubiquitous message to spread awareness in style. What more can we ask for when we have a message being displayed with harangue music and laconic walks which speak more through their actions. Fashion show is all about how just attires can visually contort thoughts.. Fashion is a trend which defines the nature of the generation at hand. The walking of personalities on that small but very long ramp is not only heart catching but entertaining to the core. Creativity is at the pinnacle which leads the visuals to create a muse which everyone can follow and bring a change about in this world. This is what an evening filled with fashion can achieve.

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