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First Women’s Car Rally in Bhubaneswar proved to be a huge success

The much awaited 1st Women’s Car Rally themed ‘the Pledge of Parity’ organized by Carnival – one of the leading Creative agencies of OIdisha in association with Seva Prayas Foundation, witnessed huge number of participation with utmost enthusiasm among the ladies. Attended by Dr. Achyuta Samanta, Founder of KISS & KIIT University, Mr. Y. B. Khurania, Commissioner of Police, Shri Shivendra Narayan Bhanj Deo, King of Kanika as guests, the rally of more than 150 thematically designed cars was flagged off from KIIT Stadium after on venue registration, driving demonstration at Jyote Motor’s ‘Anybody Can Drive’ track & Car evaluation session.

The rally, started from KIIT Stadium to 7th Battalion ground, went through Sainik School, Vani Vihar, Ram Mandir, Sastri Nagar and Jyedev Vihar. At the destination point, a prize giving ceremony was also organized at 7th Battalion ground. While Manaja Panda, Harapriya Mallick & Rohini Samantray awarded by 1St, 2nd & 3rd trophies respectively for best dress, Bijaya Bhat got the 1st cash prize for ‘I am a Corporate Leady’ them, Banasmita Das got 2nd prize for ‘Women’s Education is Women’s Empowerment’ them & Prachi Agarwal Mahajan got 3rd prize for ‘Bold is Beautiful’ them.

Addressing the Women’s Car Rally Dr. Achyuta Samanta, Founder of KISS & KIIT University said,” We are very thankful to the organizer team for taking such appreciable initiative to create awareness on the social causes which can be a kind of platform for women’s empowerment. It has also helped us extend support to the local community in the region. So hopefully it will continue every year for the social causes.” On the occasion, Y. B. Khurania, Commissioner of Police said, “I am very delighted to be a part of this event which is celebrated with full excitement to mark the occasion of International Women’s Day. I am glad to see the tremendous participation and enthusiasm among the participants.”

Attending the closing ceremony at destination point Mr. Priyadarshi Mishra, Hon’ble MLA, North Bhubaneswar distributed the prize to the winning participatants and said, “We are confident that the women we award for their contribution to the betterment of society at Women’s Car Rally will continue to inspire other women. Among other Dibyajyoti Pattnaik of Jyote Motor was also present at the closing ceremony of the event.