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Engineers in Bhubaneswar passionate about painting build weekend Painting Group

We are a small group of engineers who are passionate about art, to frame the world into the colors of our imagination. We are not professional painters but are hobbyists.
To pursue our passion we have been site visiting around Bhubaneswar to frame the heritage and culture of the temple city into our painting. As we are engineers, work occupies most of our time and this is true for all of us irrespective of our jobs, painting gives us genuine joy and inspires us to see the world with colorful vision. We started this painting group 3 months back. Prabal Mallick has been our mentor and a source of inspiration to continuing the passion of painting. We are not an institute and we do not charge money. We believe learning by sharing experiences and discussions.
It would be our great pleasure if anybody wants to join us to have fun with the painting.
For more information, please contact this number 9040705590
Visit our facebook page at