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Details for Show Stopping Musical Christmas Cantata in Bhubaneswar here, check it out


Admission for 2016 Christmas Cantata is absolutely FREE. The objective is to spark joy and hope in people who may be low on morale or experiencing hopelessness.
We believe that rather than a simple demonstration, a musical play showcasing the real life situations and the difficulties people face and how they can overcome them through a musical performance can touch the hearts of people and truly make them think about their attitude towards life. Through this 1 hour musical performance, we intend to plant seeds of hope towards their future and give them the courage to face the problems in their life.

What is 2016 Christmas Cantata?
2016 Christmas Cantata offers cherished, heartfelt music and unforgettable scenes that will be sure to brighten and revive your hearts. The musical reenactment of Life of Ana, a Trouble-Maker, will make your hearts overflow with joy and thankfulness. And as we deliver the message of God’s greatest gift for us all, there is no doubt you will be filled with the joy and happiness in your heart. We would like to spread this joy to the underprivileged sectors like Orphanages, Old age homes, Physical & mentally challenged people who could otherwise not experience the joy.

The Christmas Cantata Team is a Musical choir which reflects the world’s number one Gracious Christmas Cantata of USA, which travels 14000 miles, 25 cities of USA with one message of hope. They have held performances at distinguished venues such as Madison Square Garden, Sydney Opera House & Eisenstaedt Haydn Hall. The Gracious
Christmas Cantata has changed many individuals and even a whole city like Detroit where people testified of the strength that they received to fight the recession. Being the world’s best and the most busy choir, Gracious Choir perform the Christmas Cantata every year through self-sacrifice with a hope of transferring joy to the people’s heart.

About Christmas Cantata Team
The 2016 Cantata team in India too is led by the commitment and hope to share the true happiness and thankfulness to others who are in need of it. The team Comprises individuals from different backgrounds. International students, Indian students and other fulltime and part time staffs belonging to different professions who join together voluntarily to put one step ahead for creating true joy and thankfulness in people’s heart especially during the Christmas season. They have had distinguished performances in over 28 places in the year 2014 & 2015 reaching out To 1, 00,000 individuals in India.