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Duduma Waterfalls : An awesome Blog by Udayan Sarathi, you will be tempted to visit after reading


We woke up at 5that day with a wake-up call from our client, it was her VIdaai. I’m a wedding photographer by profession, me and my partner were at Jeypore in Koraput Odisha for this wedding shoot.
Morning Bliss

We were done with the shoot and instead of cuddling the bed for some rest we decided to go Duduma waterfalls which is around 70kms from Jeypore. Luckily,this time, I had decided to take my Thunderbird for the shoot for convivence, plus it was Thursday morning, just a few Kms from Duduma waterfalls there is a place called Onkudelli, where you can find Bonda tribes especially females in their traditional attire on Thursday mornings. apart from weddings, I’m inclined towards travel photography, a thing which I enjoy a lot apart from my wedding shoots.

There are two roads leading to Duduma waterfalls one can be accessed from Jeypore and the other from Semlliguda via Nandpur with meeting point at Lamptaput, I suggest the later route for a pleasant journey as this road is under construction accompanied by loads of dust and bad roads. We started around 6am to avoid the darkness and the desolate ghat that falls in between. I have been to these place before so finding the roads wasn’t difficult . for newcomers, take the road straight from Gandhi Chakk at the entrance of Jeypore towards Gupteswar, upon reaching the Kota Junction take the left. There is an old iron bridge at Kota junction built by the British’s so finding it won’t be a problem, at the crossroads one should take the right following the signboards towards Lamptaput. People from Semliguda can take the road near bus stand towards Bheja Chak, from there take right following the countryside to reach Lamptaput, don’t hesitate to ask for directions, the people are always helpful.
Dusty Roads
Back to the tour, we stopped for tea before leaving the city limits, as it was still winters, the morning ride was a bit chilly, the new jacket was particularly helpful :D. Even if you are riding in a hot sun, don’t forget to wear a windcheater at least, this shall protect you from Sun and breeze, plus don’t forget your helmet. Safety is a must. We stopped again at the iron bridge of Kota Junction just after Patraput, Jeypore City limits to take some photos. The bad roads were about to begin
Stop here for Directions

It took us 1hr to reach Lamptaput through the bad roads, where we stopped for some breakfast. Duduma is around 25kms from there thankfully was a better road.


You won’t find many options in the Breakfast but the place is decent. From there we headed towards Onukudelli to click some Bonda tribes. You can also find many foreign tourists in this place for the same but they are not allowed to click the tribals anymore. Many foreigners used to pay before clicking images of these tribes, so don’t be puzzled when someone asks you for some when you click them.And yes I paid Rs50 for two pics and rest 10 for none  and my partner 50 for 1, it all about the way you deal with them. Caution never argue with any locals.

Iron Bridge of Patraput
Beautiful Drive from Lamptaput to Duduma

After that, we went to see Duduma waterfalls, which we had glimpses of while we were moving to Onukudelli. The Duduma Waterfall which is about 175 metres (574 ft) high is formed by the Machkund River. Duduma waterfalls is one the third highest waterfalls in Odisha after Bareihipani and Khandadhar waterfalls. Here comes the best part , here you can find three waterfalls from 3sides of the gorge. one from Odisha side and the other from Andhra, the third one is an artificial waterfall formed due to drainage of excess water from Machkund Hydroelectricity Power Project, now how good is that ? Check the images below. few images are from archives from my previous visits to this place.

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The Artificial Waterfall

View of three waterfalls is not visible from the viewpoint, one has to trek down for the better view. There are stairs that lead halfway, I won’t advise you to venture unless you are physically fit or alone.
I wish to see sunset at this point or may be a starry night, but it’s not advisable for tourists to be in this place because of Maoist threat and Black Cats combing operations. Saying this, the place is perfectly safe from morning till 5Pm :D.

Panaroma of the Machkund Resrvoir
View of the Gorge
River Machkund
Duduma Waterfalls

The sun was too harsh when we reached Duduma, not at all suitable for photography, so we headed back after clicking some selfies :P. Alas, I would be back here in Monsoon, that’s when the clouds play orchestra on these mountains.

Wannabe Daredevil

Best time to visit – Winters and Monsoon.
Mode of Transportation-  Best option is to hire taxi from Jeypore else from Semliguda.

Where to Stay in Jeypore –  Hotel 180Degrees ( Budget hotel but good service) Hotel Hello Jeypore, Hotel Apsara
Where to eat in Jeypore-  MG road has a variety of local street foods especially south Indian for Breakfast. Flavors Resturant in Bell Road is a new hit in town.
Where to stay in Semliguda- Hotel Lemon Castle, Hotel Apple Villa
Bonda Woman

Where to Eat in Duduma- Take the roads towards Nandpur from Lamptaput, the Dhabas provide excellent meals.

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