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Writers live life twice – A duet poetry by Prachi and Abhishek


Eyes buried to unscarred sheet

with fatal movement of nimble fingers…

Ink mused with breathings of heart,

An unyielding call…

An untold story of my voyage I scribbled, ‘Dear Diary’

The itching ink rippled Through the fresh pale page.

But my fingers froze In the quietude of an unknown fear.

“We write to taste life twice” ??

Yet the ink got absorbed upon the tale

Silence tinged the horizon of thought

With blues of the summer melancholy

And the light faded from the words I sat with flashes in moments

Unearthing the shabby diary Rummaging through its dusty pages

And somewhere, somehow In the faded handwritten lines

An anecdote had lost its soul

With my fervent gaze back on the sheet

Stories leaked through healed cracks

Broken heart yelled out

And the hurt wept into bare paper,

healing the vivid wounds of progressing minutes.

Thus the pen pains pen, Else…

It’s just meager-futile Ink.

Oh Lass, Hear me saying. The Inklings are never futile,

For Immortal ink bleed leaves behind the unlived live, lived.

Through Poetry we cherish the life that we miss to live in reality.

From frozen fingers,

Drips the blood of ink and gives life to the paper that breathes immortality.

From solitude escapes verses and rhymes.

That are a treasure to longings and memories.

And from etiolated hand-written lines

Resurrects long-buried life.

Thus they are home to long-lost vivacity.

Yes, We writers live life twice…

(A duet Poetry by Prachi and Abhishek)